Side Effects of HCG Injections

Medicines tend to have side effects. The side effects can be minimal or almost unrealizable. They could be bothersome. Every medicine from painkillers to antibiotics, tetanus shots to HCG injections would have side effects. Any medicine is deemed to be safe if the side effects are transient or temporary, if there is no long term or even short term adverse effect on health and livelihood, if there is no chronic impact either and if the discomfort or pain associated with or caused by the side effects is bearable.

You should not only be aware of the possible side effects of HCG injections but also stop having them administered if you experience the more serious adverse effects. The reason why we mention possible side effects is because not all people will experience them. It is quite possible you would experience no realizable side effect whatsoever.

You should not opt for HCG injections if you have an allergic reaction after having one administered. You should seek medical help urgently if you have facial swelling, breathing problems, swollen lips or tongue and throat. You could have hives as an allergic reaction to HCG injections. The number of people having such side effects is not staggering but being aware of possible fallouts doesn’t harm anyone.

Very few people will experience pain and blood clot after HCG injections. You could have redness and tingling in your arms and legs, you could experience numbness, dizziness and confusion. These are usually associated with headache. You should contact your doctor immediately when you have these problems.

A relatively small number of women develop ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome after being exposed to HCG. The condition usually develops only the first time HCG injections are administered. Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome or OHSS is not always fatal but it is life threatening. You should get emergency help if you experience serious pelvic pain, swelling and stomach pain, breathlessness, diarrhea, weight gain, nausea and a decline in the frequency of urination.

Young boys can have early puberty due to HCG injections. Premature or early growth of pubic hair, deepening voice, excessive sweating and acne outbreak are signs of early puberty. There are other milder side effects of HCG injections which should subside in some time. You could experience headache, a sense of irritation or restlessness, mild swelling, transient depression, swollen or tender breasts, a bit of pain at the place where the HCG injections have been administered, a bit of irritation and swelling too at the site.