The HCG Diet Protocol: All You Need To Know.

HCG, Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, is a natural hormone produced in large quantities by the placenta in pregnant women, to aid the breakdown of body fat to essential calories that help support and nourish the unborn baby. However, contrary to popular beliefs, the HCG hormone is also present in both men and non-pregnant women in very low quantities, aiding in the normal functions of the reproductive system.

Although there are several health benefits of HCG to the body, today, it is widely taken as a fool-proof non-strenuous method of losing weight. HCG causes weight loss by processing stored fats more efficiently to produce calories, while on a calorie restricted diet known as the HCG diet plan. The human body is made up of several types of fats, some of which are essential. The others, which are excesses stored in different parts of the body is what is targeted by the HCG hormone. Unlike other weight loss options, HCG provides the body with a constant supply of energy and allows the body to retain its muscle tissues.

The use of HCG diets for weight loss was first discovered by the British physician, Dr. A.T.W. Simon, and today, it is available in two forms; as drops and as injections. HCG drops are the homeopathic form in which certain amounts of HCG substances are converted into drops. The drops are applied at the bottom of the tongue from where they migrate to the body system. While, the HCG injections are the medical form of the hormone which is administered by injecting them into the muscle tissue, from where they rapidly absorbed into the body system.

It has been found that the administration of HCG injection while on a low calorie diet results in a rapid and sustainable weight loss. Therefore, for an efficient and successful weight loss program, the HCG injections are usually prescribed along with the HCG diet protocol.


The HCG Diet Protocol

The HCG Diet Protocol is a program designed to restrict the diet of patients to about 500 – 800 calories per day. Although, the minimal healthy calorie intake per day is 1,200 calories, the diet protocol, via the administration of HCG injections or drops, utilizes non-essential fat for the production of more calories. The HCG program has four HCG protocols which must be followed for a successful weight and fat loss. Viz;

  • Phase One: This phase is also known as the loading phase. It is the phase in which a high amount of calorie is consumed to build up the fat store, and it’s the most enjoyable phase.
  • Phase Two: In this phase, the calorie intake is drastically restricted, and the restriction can last between 23 to 40 days. Although the HCG injections suppresses the appetite, it can be a challenging phase, especially for patients who are emotional eaters.
  • Phase Three: This phase is the stabilization phase, and the HCG injections are no longer administered. However, the weight of the patient is recorded daily to make sure the weight loss is stable, and only recommended specific foods are eaten.
  • Phase Four: This phase which is often referred to as the maintenance phase, is the phase in which the patient is taught how to maintain the weight loss. Healthier lifestyle and diets are recommended to avoid a rebound weight gain.

The HCG Diet Protocol for weight loss has proved to be an effective method of losing weight, and there are many testimonials from satisfied patients sharing their experience of the HCG Diet Protocol and the amazing weight loss results, all over the internet.