What is HCG?


HCG stands for human chronic gonadotropin. It is the hormone is the body which support the development of the egg in the women ovary and it also stimulates the release of egg at the time of ovulation. HCG is used so that ovulation occurs and it helps in treating infertility in women. It increases the sperm count in men. HCG is the hormone which is used in the young boys when the testicles drop down. This usually occurs due to the pituitary gland disorder. HCG is given in the form of injection under the skin or it can also be given in the muscle.

If you are using HCG at home then the doctor or the pharmacist may give you some special instruction on using the injection. They explain how to use and where to inject the medicine. If you do not understand the concept then you should not make the courage to do the task on your own. After using the injection, the syringe and the needles are to be disposed. If you have any of the signs like warmth, pain, blood clot, redness, tingling in arm, confusion, etc.

Care to be taken

There are many men and women who use this hormone in form of medicine and injection in order to improve their fertility. There are some women who use this medicine and they develop the condition of ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome. This usually happens after taking the first cycle of treatment. This situation can prove to be life threatening at times. If you feel like the symptoms of OHSS then you should call the doctor immediately. The symptom include swelling, stomach pain, shortness of breath, swelling of hands and legs, diarrhea, weight gain, vomiting, urinating, etc.

HCG medicine can cause puberty early in the young boys and in such case also you need to consult the doctor. The symptoms of such situation are pubic hair growth, deepened voice, sweating and increased acne. The medicine of HCG can increase the chances of multiple pregnancies. This means that you have chances of having twins, triplets and so one if you are consuming the HCG medicines. The multiple pregnancies are the high risk for mother and for the babies as well. Usually doctors are consulted and they ask the mother to take proper rest.

HCG can help you to become pregnant and this medicine is considered in the FDA pregnancy Category X. It means that if you are using this medication once you are pregnant can cause birth defects in your baby. If you are already pregnant then you should not consume HCG and in such situations also you should consult the doctor. If you ever had allergy to this medicate then you should never use it. You should not use them if you have early puberty or you have the hormone related with cancer especially prostate cancer. This clearly explains that this medication can help you to increase the fertility rate and the sperm count in men but at the same time it has some side effects.