HCG Injections Diet

In almost every diet plan in the world, there are people who are bound to fall for the proverbial cheat day. A cheat day is a day where people deviate from their diet plan and eat whatever they want.

Although, this is perfectly fine for some diets because of a variety of reasons, but if you’re on the hcg injectons diet, cheat days are highly discouraged.

You see, people who undergo “cheat days” have a tendency of eating way too many calories. Calorie counting is one of the hallmarks of the hcg injectons diet, especially when you are in phase 2 or phase 3.

The hcg injectons hormone works best when you are calorie restricted. That is why a lot of people shed a significant amount of fat because the hcg injectons hormone will use all the fat stores and convert it to energy. That is why it is very important that you only consume a few calories per day so that the hcg injectons hormone can begin this fat burning process.

Even if you’re armed with this information, some cravings are just insatiable. One cannot just stop eating what they want, even though there are bound to be ramifications.

In this article, I will help you quell and fix the problems that arise after you’ve done a cheat day while you’re on the hcg injectons diet. Here are some top tips to rectify the problem of cheat days:

  1. Scrap the Old Cheat Day Mentality- A lot of people think that having a cheat day, at least once a week, would be okay. Well yeah, it is perfectly fine if you’ve followed other diet plans. But, if you’re on the hcg injectons diet, even just a day of eating calorie-laden foods, then the diet is basically destroyed. What you have to do is scrap your old mentality of having a cheat day. If you have an insatiable craving for food, there are many ways to help quell that, which I will discuss later in this article.
  2. Walk- walking is not only an exercise, but it is also a great way to help you think more clearly. Scientific studies have shown that people who take even a short walk per day are more logical and helps them relieve of any stressful symptoms. If you are having a hard time suppressing those cravings when you’re on the hcg injectons diet, then just take a few minutes and walk around your block.
  3. Drink Water- Water is an essential human requirement. It not only hydrates us, but it also quells hunger pangs as well. If you have trouble destroying that food craving, drink lots of water. Water will help you suppress that craving because it will signal your brain that you are full. The cravings should then stop after that.
  4. Forgive Yourself- Lastly, if you gave in to temptation, what’s done is done. But, do not beat yourself up on it. Just learn from your mistakes, dust yourself off, and continue with the diet. It is important that you write this event on paper so that you will be reminded that you indeed have cheated during your hcg injectons diet journey.

I know that not having a cheat day is hard. I’ve personally struggled losing weight because I let cheat days get the best of me. But, with these tips, hopefully, you will get back right on track with your hcg injectons diet journey.