Phase 3 HCG Diet Mistakes to Avoid

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Phase 3 HCG Diet Mistakes to Avoid

For anybody that has ever followed the HCG diet, as long as you followed it correctly, you’ll know all too well, how effective the diet really is. The HCG diet has been found, time and time again, to be one of the most productive diet protocols currently in existence. The main issue that people have with the diet, however, is failing to adhere to phase 3. People often assume that phase 2 is where people go wrong. Phase 2 is difficult because you are taking in such small amounts of calories, but it’s during phase 3 when your hard work may be undone. To ensure that this doesn’t happen to you, here’s a look at some common mistakes to avoid making during phase 3 of the diet.

What are the different phases of the HCG diet?

The HCG diet is split into 4 phases. The first phase you eat fat to replenish and stock up your fat stores. The second phase you go very, very low on calories and take in just 500 calories (some larger and more active people can eat 700). Phase 3 is a transition phase where you ease off of the HCG injections and up your caloric intakes. Phase 4 is sticking to the diet for life. It’s during phase 3 that people often slip up.

Common mistakes to avoid making during phase 3

Some of the most common errors that people make when following the HCG diet include:


During phase 2, you will lose a heck of a lot of weight. Phase 2 lasts several weeks, and during this time the pounds will drop off. However, as you take in such a small amount of calories, you will constantly be hungry. Many people will start binge-eating as soon as they begin phase 3 and will eat the foods they deprived their bodies of for so long. It doesn’t take long to gain back the weight you lost, which is the last thing you want. Instead of binge-eating, you should gradually increase the amounts of calories you consume ever-so-slightly.

Consuming too many sugars and carbs too soon

Okay, even if you resist the urge to order a 16-inch stuffed crust pepperoni pizza with extra cheese, you could still undo a lot of hard work if you consume too many carbs and/or sugars. Fruit, despite being healthy, is packed full of naturally-occurring sugars and carbs that are rich in calories, and that can cause unstable insulin levels. Carbs, even healthy ones, should still be limited on phase 3. Sugars should also be kept as low as possible.

Starting right away

Some people are so desperate to begin phase 3 that they begin the second they finish phase 2. Ideally you should wait 72 hours before you begin phase 3. During those 3 days, you consume slightly more food than the 500 calories you’ve been used to, but not much more. You should always wait before jumping right into phase 3.

Not stopping if you struggle

If you do struggle during phase 3, don’t continue in the hopes of making things better. Instead, try to stop as early as possible and address what went wrong. If you’ve been eating too much, stop, and cut back on your portions and try again.