The Ultimate Healthy HCG Shopping Tips

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Going to the shops for food whilst hungry is one of the worst things you can do if you’re trying to lose weight. Seriously, it’s the equivalent of throwing on your bathing suit and trying to get a suntan in the middle of the night.

As countless people that have followed the diet will tell you, the HCG diet is currently one of the most in-demand diets in the entire world. The HCG diet works, and it works very well at that. It doesn’t perform miracles however, and if you are serious about getting in shape with the help of this diet, you need to know what you’re doing. Before you head to the shops to begin stocking your fridge and cupboards with healthy produce, here are some shopping tips to help you get more from the HCG diet.

Never go shopping hungry

There’s not much to say here, as we’re sure you know that it’s pretty self-explanatory. When you’re hungry, you crave junk and your cravings will kick in and cause you to make poor dietary decisions. When you’re not hungry, you’ll be able to walk down the cake and sweet aisle without batting an eyelid. When you’re hungry however, all of the unhealthy treats that you know you aren’t allowed, will look more appealing than ever. To avoid you breaking your diet and falling off the wagon, make sure you aren’t hungry when you go to the shops for food.

Buy HCG diet foods separately

If you live alone and shop for one, buying your HCG diet foods will be fairly easy. If you shop for others however, this is where things can get tricky. Shopping for other people at the same time as you may cause you to forget about HCG diet essentials, or to get things mixed up. When you shop for your HCG diet foods, be sure to purchase them separately. While you’re at it, make sure you store them separately as well.

Avoid processed foods

Even though there are certain processed foods and ready meals that are marketed as being healthy and low in calories and fat, you should still avoid them when following the HCG diet. The foods may be low in calories, but the processing and packaging process can destroy important nutrients in the foods you’re eating. Not only that, but they also often contain artificial chemicals and additives. Remember, the HCG diet isn’t purely about weight loss. It’s also about being healthy and eating the right produce. Processed foods and pre-packaged ready meals are generally not healthy and should only be eaten as a very, very last resort once in a blue moon.

Memorise the permitted food list

Because the HCG diet is so extreme during the second phase (you are only allowed 500 calories per day) it’s vital that you know exactly what you are and are not allowed on the diet. When you follow the HCG diet, you will be presented with a list of foods which are, and are not, permitted on the diet. Memorise them and your trips to the supermarket will become easier than ever.